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Accurate corporate tax return preparation is essential to the health and well-being of any corporation. In most cases, due to the complexity of corporate tax returns, it is both cost effective and more efficient to have tax returns professionally prepared by CPA's. CPA's are used to not only preparing accurate financial records but are easily able to translate that information into comprehensive tax planning and preparation with related services as needed.

Beyer & Macali is there for your corporate tax planning and preparation needs as they have been for over 20 years in the Capital District area. Matt and Mark can provide business and tax consultation to reduce your corporation's overall tax liabilities now, and in the future. As a local firm, Beyer & Macali can help you review your business strategies periodically for local, state and federal tax changes and plan with an eye to the future to maintain a strong and healthy business with steady responsible growth.

Mark and Matt are available to consult with you regarding tax planning and preparation with a goal of minimizing your corporate tax liabilities now and in the future. Mark and Matt look forward to meeting with you soon so your company can join the strong and vibrant local corporations who already rely on Beyer & Macali for their continued business success.

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