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Beyer & Macali can prepare compilations and reviews at your direction as well as help you determine which of these reports best suits your current business needs. On a continuum of report services, compilations are the most general and entirely dependent on business management to provide information. Compilations involve the development of financial statements based on a CPA's knowledge of general accounting principles and business knowledge. A compilation has no expectation of outside reliability as it is dependent on the information provided by the company's management without verification. If your need is for general financial statement preparation, a compilation may be all your business requires.

A review falls between a compilation and an audit in terms of assurances and reliability as the CPA firm is expected to not only review the financial information produced but to also make limited inquiries and apply the analytical procedures needed to determine if the information in the financial statements of a company are reasonable and no fundamental changes are required. An audit would expand the inquiry to absolute verification and reliability of the financial information contained and may not be necessary to meet your business needs. If your business needs not only financial statement preparation but also some assurance of the reasonableness of these statements and business advisement in related accounting principles and practices, Beyer & Macali can handle the review of your business expertly and expeditiously.

Trust in Beyer & Macali to provide you with the right choice of compilation or review reports prepared with your business industry standards and practices in mind and applying their years of professional expertise and business knowledge. If needed, Beyer & Macali can provide business recommendations for related matters including accounting principles and practices and recordkeeping practices that can promote further reliability and assurance for your financial statements and your business. You can confidently put yourself in the hands of Beyer & Macali for your financial statement preparation needs.

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