Gift Tax Return Services
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Gift Tax Return Services

Gift Tax Return Services Provided for Families and Individuals
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Gift tax return preparation is a part of the comprehensive tax preparation services available at Beyer & Macali. Are you wondering how to make a gift of money or other assets to family under the tax codes? To lessen your tax burden and theirs, gifting is a strategy that can provide you with tax benefits and ensure that your family has access to resources when they need them.

Unfortunately if you don't plan gifting strategies carefully, you and your beneficiary can encounter unexpected tax penalties and issues with Medicaid eligibility, among other problems. An effective gifting strategy needs to be crafted by professionals you can trust, someone who can make a comprehensive plan that takes into consideration your specific situation and to review your options with you so you can make the best decision for you and your family in accordance with federal and state tax laws.

You may need the answers to questions such as limitations on gift amounts annually or cumulatively, the timing of gifts for maximum benefits and minimal tax implications, and other questions related to your specific situation. Make an appointment to discuss these and other questions with Mark and Matt. They can also recommend any other financial planning services and reviews needed to complete a comprehensive gift strategy for you.

Gifting should be an enjoyable, stress free experience for you and your beneficiaries. Whether you are considering a one time allocation or an ongoing series of disbursements of monetary, personal or real property gifts for friends and family, you want to know the implications of your gift giving for you and your loved ones. A comprehensive gift plan prepared by Beyer & Macali lets you and your beneficiaries rest easy that your gift is successfully completed with all tax and financial planning implications known to all. You can know your assets have been distributed according to your wishes and that your loved ones are enjoying your gifts when they need them most.

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